Nude Food Coaching
inspired by The Desire Map 

'Making an investment in your life that pays real tangible dividends is a choice.' Anon.

Desire Map sessions focus on how you want to feel in your body, to feel and live well.
Its all about mapping out your personal Core Desired Feeling with personal action plans to start living the good, healthy life you came here to live!

Personal food consulting using The Desire Map work is simply life-changing and invaluable to support positive, personalised lifestyle changes for better and sustainable health and wellness!

Living your life is supposed to feel good!

Feeling 'good' and eating a NUtrient DEnse diet for good health is different for different people. 

For improved personal health and sustainable holistic wellness,
Nude Food coaching aims to literally undress food to inform, facilitate and encourage positive changes in lifestyle choices, using the Desire Map process. 

We all have unique physical bodies with unique food preferences and nutritional needs too. 

Coaching sessions focus on the Desire Map process in the life area - Body & Wellness
At Nude Food healthy dietary changes are supported through literally undressing food, sharing fun and factual food information with supporting foodie resources too. (Resources include recipes, product reviews and product samples).

Making good, healthy, 'nude' food and eating well is a choice guided by how you desire to FEEL! 

What are your Core Desired Feelings?...
- let's map them out and get clear on actions to take to get to feel the way you wanna feel! 

Willingly empower yourself about what you choose to eat to feel well, healthy and comfortable in your own body! 

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* Coaching packages are offered too

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